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Farming Weather Analysis

Monday 16 October 2017 10:00


The start of Oct has been relatively dry with rainfall for the past 14 days about 75% of average for this time of year; only the far northwest of the country had normal rainfall amounts. For the bulk of the country the coming week will be wetter than it has been for many places. Rainfall figures will be about 150% for much of Connacht, Ulster and west Munster. Eastern counties will tend to be less wet with the southeast down to 75%.


It has been mild for the past week with mean temps about 1.5 to 3 degrees greater than average. This week will be a little cooler with mean temps averaging out just slightly above normal.


Despite less rainfall this Oct it has been very dull and sunshine figures have been around 50% or less for the bulk of the country over the past week.

Drying Conditions

Drying conditions will be variable but often poor over the coming week.


There will be limited opportunities for spraying overall, due to occasional rain. However, the severe winds today will ease for tomorrow so some opportunities will be possible for spraying tomorrow.

Field Conditions

The land is saturated across the country at the moment.