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Farming Weather Analysis

Tuesday 12 December 2017 14:00


Post last weekend's rain and snow, rainfall amounts are either near to well above average around the country. Parts of Connacht and the Midlands generally having one and half to two times the expected average. The coming week will bring further spells of rain and showers. Amounts for the coming week are expected to be well below average for the time of year, however some Atlantic coastal areas are expected to record close to normal rainfall with some northern coastal parts close to twice the normal. Some of the showers are likely to fall as sleet, snow and hail especially on higher ground.


Average air temperatures are now ranging minus 1 to 2.5 degrees below. Soil temperatures have a much slower reaction rate, and so mean soil temperatures continue mostly above average by between zero and plus 1.1 degrees above average. The coming week will continue cold. Mean air temperatures will likely remain below average by in many parts of the country. However temperatures along the west and north of the country should stay above average.


The sunshine has been quite varied over the past week. Well above average in the mid-west, but well below average in eastern parts and about coastal fringes of the southwest and north. Sunshine amounts will continue to vary over the coming week with the sunniest days signalled to Friday this coming week.

Drying Conditions

With unsettled weather, very low temperatures and short days, there will be little or no drying this week.


Opportunities for spraying will be limited.

Field Conditions

Most soils are at field capacity or saturated at the moment. That will continue this week.

Further Comments

Becoming windy.